Bloc Sonar is a frictionless and reliable way to identify users for secure online transactions. We offer a variety of ways to identify users for increased network coverage and less “fuzzy” results for an overall more streamlined process flow.


Photo ID Verification

Identify users with a high level of confidence by using a widely accepted industry standard for user verification: photo ID verification coupled with a selfie for a “liveness check”. Receive verification within seconds.

Frictionless Data Check

Identify users with a truly frictionless process that operates purely in the background. We passively take inputted data from the user and cross-reference it with data from their credit file to verify users with ease.

Process Flow


Secure Payments Flow Example



Our advanced algorithms and scraping software will automatically search the whole web and populate relevant fields such as: Corporation Name, Corporation Status, Corporate Owners, Criminal and Sanctions Watchlists, and Individual Identity giving users the peace of mind that a thorough search of the business is being conducted.

Up To Date

After a 24 hour window has passed, users can once again view the inquiry and see what information was scraped and why or why not the business was flagged after our verification and QC steps are concluded.


KYB Inquiries

Companies and/or technical directors can view an online dashboard to view all KYB inquiries.


Our comprehensive one-stop-shop dashboard includes features that allow you to submit inquiries, view the status of current inquiries, and review our KYB decisions after a 24 hour time frame has past.

User Friendly

We are also constantly listening to our user feedback and strive to deliver the best service and experience for our customers, so expect regular updates to roll out based on your unique preferences!