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We make it easier for you to transact with clients and vendors around the world in a variety of payment methods and currencies in a more secure, compliant, and profitable way.

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Easily transact with the world

Bloc Pay takes the hassle out of global payments. Easily collect, disburse, and transfer funds globally without the cost, time, and risk of establishing your own international payments infrastructure.

Suits your style

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. Whether you're looking for API-based integration or a custom full-stack solution Bloc Pay has you covered.

Compliance with a smile

Does navigating the world of global anti-money laundering and compliance sound stressful? Because it should. We handle that for you so take it easy, ok?

Payments made easy

Transact globally via our network of hundreds of financial institutions and the world's major payment providers all through a simple online platform.

Online Security

By employing advanced online know-your-client and PCI/DSS compliant infrastructure we ensure your transaction information is secured at every step.

Our products

Bloc Pay makes international transactions easier for businesses by delivering secure, compliant and profitable platforms. Check out our following services Bloc Aegis and Bloc Sonar

Secure, Compliant and Convenient

Bloc Aegis offers a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking a tailored payment solution. Our service allows companies to focus on their business development with peace of mind knowing their collections are being processed at a high level.

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Know Your Businesses

Bloc Sonar B provides a seamless worry-free experience for users as they can submit or view the status of multiple KYB inquiries.

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