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We make it easier for you to transact with clients and vendors around the world in a variety of payment methods and currencies in a more secure, compliant, and profitable way.

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Our Mission

We are a payment company for the modern day. Our mission is to make electronic payments secure, compliant, and convenient for our clients by using modern technologies and tools for unparalleled user experiences and client value.


We employ advanced online Know-Your-Client, data tokenization, and PCI/DSS compliant infrastructure to ensure transaction and user information is secured at every step. Our networking security processes also defend our technical systems against hacks and un-authorized incursions.


We have built an integrated and sophisticated platform to evaluate transaction risk that is integrated with regulatory bodies such as FINTRAC and FINCEN. Our predicative algorithms continuously help to mitigate risk.


Bloc Pay offers a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking a tailored end-to-end payment solution. Our services allow companies to focus on their business development with peace of mind knowing we are taking care of the technical and administrative backend of their payment operations.

Our products

Bloc Pay currently offers a diverse set of financial technology solutions. All our solutions are integrated with one another but also exist as standalone solutions.

Secure, Compliant and Convenient

Electronic payment processing platform for e-commerce, in-app payments, and smart payments.

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Know Your Businesses

Tool for identification of businesses for streamlined KYB and data aggregation for potential business partners, clients, etc.

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Know Your Clients

Tool for identification of online users and aggregator of helpful user data for various use-cases including account creation, adjudication, etc.

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Bloc Panopticon

Sophisticated transaction risk monitoring and risk evaluation tool. Employs predictive algorithms to accurately assess latent and material risk.

Unique Data Insights

We combine our products developed in-house with a powerful set of databases to deliver unique data insights for our clients that will empower them with the information they need to make better decisions. Our products are API enabled allowing for improved scalability and efficiency.

Real Estate

With our real estate data, we can access extensive historical and current listing data, as well as regional statistics, that provides a detailed picture of a specific property, neighbourhood, or region. We can also connect users to turnkey predictive tools for advanced value estimation for automated Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and appraisal.

International News

With global access to the Bloomberg affiliate network of news sources we are able to search against hundreds of publications around the world to look for entities that may be involved in less than savoury activities.

Transaction Risk

Our predictive models provide a comprehensive individual/transaction risk profile that includes both the observable material risk as well as a latent risk projection that better insulates users from transaction risk beyond the time of the transaction.

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